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Introducing, The Pop Icon, a company out of this world established by a brother and sister in the hopes of inspiring change throughout communities.  

Our mission is to revise the meaning of a "Pop Icon:” a term generally used for celebrities who have impacted and defined a societies beliefs. We intend to redefine how this term is perceived and amend its meaning to include the impact of familiar faces from our own community, not just the faces of celebrities. We believe every individual should be recognized for making a difference, no matter how large or small that difference may be.

Becoming a “Pop Icon” is more than becoming a role model; it is also about becoming an activist for causes that need louder voices, more fighters, and stronger heartbeats. We are attempting to break the mold of previously defined faces for movements. We strive to place the spot light on those individuals whom within their communities are becoming the world’s Icons with the use of hard work and dedication.

However, not all Icons have the resources to showcase their ideas to larger followers and to make the difference that they desire.  With our new and creative FashionPopCandy, these individuals will be able to set themselves apart and truly have the opportunity to make an impact. FashionPopCandy is a delicious FashionLollipop that lights up your night!  It comes in 8 different styles and 6 different flavors that contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron and Calcium.  Having such a stylish and nutritionally delicious accessory provides multiple avenues for Icons to obtain the resources they need.


The Pop Icon offers three programs to help individuals become a “Pop Icon”:
1)    Make Money
2)    Help Charity
      3)    Share your Idea

Through the "Make Money" program, individuals will be able to partake in our sales team and accumulate enough income to eventually finance their ideas or fulfill their goals of making a change in a movement that they believe in.  In addition to the “Make Money” program, those with tight schedules can participate in our "Help Charity" program, which raises money for specific non-profit organizations. For those Icons that already have an idea but need more support, The Pop Icon offers the “Share your Idea” program. It provides individuals, whom receive substantial feedback from The Pop Icon community, start-up funds so that they can make their ideas reality.

We intend to convey the message that innovative individuals can make a difference and impact the world. One does not need an “elite” title in order to accomplish and promote change. The Pop Icon created FashionPopCandy with a set purpose. Each FashionPopCandy contributes to a cause and that is the Pop Icons’ vision: positive change.  We want to not only spread awareness, but also love and support to communities who need it most. Forget the elite, be a Pop Icon today.

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