Frequently asked questions

What software do I need to join this course?

In order to do everything that we do in the course, you need the Houdini Indie (if you want to use Redshift Render). Although, with the Apprentice version you can follow along most parts. To download Houdini Apprentice you can go here. To download Houdini Indie you can go here. To download Redshift Demo version you can go here.

How long do I have to complete this course?

In short, if you watch one module every single day (and practice the workflows), you can complete the course in 2 weeks. One of the key aspects of the methodology of the course is the ability to go at your own pace (everyone learns differently). So there is no rush and you can fit the course within your schedule. Because it is self-paced, the DYEN is also lifetime access so you can come back and revisit the lessons whenever you want to.

What about feedback or answering questions?

We’ve got you covered! When you join the Dynamic Environment Course, you’ll be able to talk to your instructor via email.

How can I access the content?

When you join the Dynamic Environment course you get access to all the content via email link.

Is the course in English?

Yes, the course is all in English.

We are looking to add new languages.